Omonia-AEL 3-2: Five goals, .. the three-pointer in the clover!

In an exciting game from the point of view of spectacle, Omonia scored a three-pointer against AEL in GSP with 3-2, for the 8th game of the 2nd Phase of the Cyta championship.

The clover rose to 46 points in 7th place, while the guests stuck to 41st and 8th place.

The visitors opened the scoring in the 7th minute after a corner kick, the ball ended up in Marosa who, with a powerful shot from the side, defeated Ouzoho for 0-1.

The greens came close to equalizing with a shot by Boek that from a good position, hit the crossbar of Megeri. In the 25th minute, AEL responded to the opportunities when Miliceanou’s place was also found on the crossbar.

In the 2nd half, the hosts found an answer after in the 49th minute they brought the game to a close with a well-aimed penalty kick by Papoulis.

Then, AEL again found a solution with Marosa after a parallel turn of Euler in the area, the ball went to Marosa who from close range made it 1-2.

In the 68th minute, after a race by Zachariou, who hit an area, he turned to Assante and he defeated Megeri with a heel in the air! Beautiful goal!

Finally, in the 87th minute of the match, Omonia managed to take the lead in the score. Papoulis gave to Cepovic who with a place inside the area defeated Megieri for 3-2, which was the final result.


Omonia Ouzoho, Psaltis, Kiko, Boteak (Savva 66 ‘), Papoulis, Zachariou (Lovera 78’), Lang (Hubochan 46 ‘), Panagiotou, Charalambous, Kakoullis (Asante 66’), Asimenos (Cepovic 66 ‘)

On the bench: Panagi, Kyriakidis, Sehou, Hubochan, Lovera, Diskerud, Cepovic, Savva, Asade

AEL Megeri, Frantzis, Medojevic (Riera 78 ‘), Davor, Torres (Papafotis 65’), Euler, Mazan, Sotiriou, Milinceanou (Cepovic 65 ‘), Ristevski, Marosa (Andreou 78’)

On the bench: Keravnos, Tsepovic, Riera, Andreou, Papafotis, Minas, Antoniou X, Zacharia, Nikolettidis

Referee: Thomas Hadjivassiliou

First Assistant Referee: Marinou Michalis

Second Assistant Referee: Herodotus Xenia

4th Referee: Koumi Dimitris

VAR: Christoforou Marios

AVAR: Nikos Englezou

Observer: Theodotou Costas

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