On Tuesday (21/6) in Munich for Santio Mane to sign in Bayern

The date of Santio Mane’s trip to Munich to sign a contract with Bayern “closed”. Already, on Friday night (17/6) the final agreement with Liverpool for the purchase of the Senegalese national team leader had been reached and on Saturday (18/6) Mane also booked airline tickets to Bavaria.

Specifically, the Senegalese left midfielder will travel to Munich on Tuesday morning (21/6), will undergo the necessary medical examinations and then will sign a three-year contract with Bayern.

The Bavarians will spend around 40 million euros to make it their own along with the bonuses. The 32 million euros concern the fee of the German champions to the British, along with another six million euros for the bonuses. The agreement between Bayern and Liverpool also provides extra bonuses, which will be paid in case of winning the Champions League or the “Golden Ball” award.


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