Paliospyrou: "This is my new image - You hugged me, thank you"

“It was a great relief for me to communicate my new image,” wrote Ioanna Paliospyrou, a few days after she decided to show her face without a mask.

One week ago, Ioanna Paliospyrou spoke on the show “Protagonists” where she decided to show her face, without her mask, to the TV audience after the vitriolic attack she received. And Twitter bowed to the greatness of her soul.

Now, a week later, Ioanna Paliospyrou, who does not hesitate to talk about everything that happened after the moment that changed her life, made a new post on her Instagram profile where she referred to her new image and how she feels that she talked about that’s what matter.

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“Despite the anxiety I felt, it was a great relief for me to communicate my new image. “Thank you all very much for embracing me with such warmth and acceptance”, Ioanna Paliospyrou wrote initially.

However, he wanted to emphasize that “the road is still long, but for me it was an important step and it fills me with so much power that I know that you are by my side and support me every time. That’s a blessing! “

In fact, in this post, there is another photo of her posing smiling and looking at the camera lens of Olympia Krasagaki.

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