PASP: "Did the videotaping of the matches go well?"

It is with surprise that PASP was informed by agents of several clubs participating in the B’ Division championship, that the matches in the current season are not videotaped by KOP.

And this is because – we remind you – after the uproar created in 2019, with the sending of several files by UEFA concerning B-Division matches, which forced KOP to temporarily suspend the championship, on 16/4/2019 the federation quoted press conference in which, among other things, he informed about the establishment of a commission “which will consist of four people, who will watch the match for which a file has been recorded and will be able to refer to the sports judge through the disciplinary prosecutor the following, who according to at the committee’s discretion are involved in match manipulation: Match officials such as referees, observers, match observers, etc., footballers, coaches, club board members and/or club officials.

As mentioned in the relevant KOP press release, the committee would be made up of the general manager of the federation, who will also be the chairman of the committee, a former coach, a former referee and the integrity officer of the federation. In other words, it was a decision that would help the KOP to assign responsibilities for the games that are suspected of being manipulated.

We wonder, then, how the aforementioned committee carries out its duties since, according to the B’ Category teams, the games are not videotaped? Furthermore, how can the work of the Ethics and Protection of Sport Committee, even UEFA, be helped, which has been known to blame a team for a suspected match-fixing based on the televised coverage of the games?

If this is true and the games are not videotaped, the government is also exposed since on 7/2/2020, among the measures it announced to fight corruption, it included the videotaping and archiving of all B’Division matches to facilitate investigative work of the Police for matches where it is considered that there was suspicious betting activity.

In addition, it must be emphasized that the video recording of the B’Division matches, among others, has been a helpful element for the teams themselves in terms of analysis and training. In a few words about the progress of the sport.

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