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Paulo Dimbala signs a three-year contract at Inter!

Paulo Dimbala signs a three-year contract at Inter!

The paths of Paulo Dimbala and Inter are very close to intersecting, with the website “Tuttomercatoweb” revealing that a final agreement is imminent, which will make the Argentine resident “Meazza” for the next three years.

Juventus opened the door to Paulo Dimbala from the moment they could not reach an agreement with him to renew their vows of loyalty and now everything shows that they will find him … against her from the new season.

The Argentine striker is in the sights of Inter and Roma in terms of teams within the Italian borders and according to the latest reports, the one who appears ready to celebrate his acquisition is the Milan team.

This is at least what Tuttomercatoweb claims in today’s article, with the website emphasizing that Joya’s arrival in Milan to sign a Nerazzurri contract is now a matter of time.

“The Nerazzurri want to complete the deal by June 20 and at the latest on the 21st of the month to announce the agreement.

“The two sides are now very close and next Tuesday’s appointment will be crucial to complete the agreement, with Dimbala then signing a three-year contract,” the media reported.

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