Elon Musk uses a manga as a meme and is sued by its creator for US$1,000 million

Elon Musk announced that the reactivation of the payment for the verification check would be delayed until the “significant impersonations” they stop. He also revealed that the color of the verification check for individuals would be different from that for organizations.

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“Postponing the relaunch of Blue Verified until there is a high level of confidence to stop spoofing. You will probably use a different color check for organizations than for people”he revealed through a tweet on his personal account on Monday night.

As is known, The relaunch of said function was scheduled for November 29.and; however, Musk would have changed his mind.

The activation of the new ‘Twitter Blue Verified’ feature was a chaos at launch. This was mainly used by users who pretended to be officials, companies and celebrities.

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An example of its misuse is the account that impersonated pharmacist Eli Lilly. According to TechCrunch, the profile launched a controversial tweet. “We are excited to announce that insulin is now free,” the post said. Before being removed, the post was viewed millions of timeswhich caused the company’s shares to fall by 4.37%.

The mogul has not detailed how he will manage to prevent the accounts from impersonating others, since the new function does not verify the identity of the owners of the profiles. During the last few weeks, Musk has been adding and removing gray checks.

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