Peruvian engineer creates a platform that connects software developers with technology companies

The MIT Technology Review recently recognized industrial engineer Alonso Mujica Troncoso as one of the 35 Innovators under 35 years of age in Latin America. The Peruvian engineer was included in this list by Silabuz, a platform that connects technology companies from all over the world with software developers who are looking for a job.

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The co-founder of the startup, Alonso Muji, points to the andean agency that this platform was born as a response to the high levels of unemployment or informal employment in the country, which is inconsistent with the high employability rates within the aforementioned sector globally.

“There are economic areas that need many people and cannot find them. On the other hand, you have a lot of people who can’t find a job opportunity. Something had to be done there.”says Mujica. “What we do at Silabuz is to identify software developers with great potential; analyze your technical and soft skills; and, accordingly, to propose alternatives for study, training, career and professional work with our portfolio of clients”.

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Many of these clients (or potential companies that will hire the developers) are located abroad. The People interested in getting a job can register in Silabuz, where they will be rigorously evaluated in terms of technical and soft skills.

“If we launch a program, or a training call to prepare people from scratch and at a junior level, we basically look for the applicants have potential, logical thinking, access to a PC and we are going to prepare them in everything. If the applicant is looking for more specialized jobs, she should have basic knowledge of some programming language, experience and motivation ”.

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It should be noted that this initiative was born barely a year ago, although the startup It has already been on the market for more than five. Thus, Mujica emphasizes that the company, started with its own capital, has always been focused on the area of ​​training and analysis of digital talent. “This year we expect to grow 300% in sales compared to last year. We have four times as many customers as last year and have trained more than 300 developers by 2022.”reveals Mujica.

Training for applicants

In order to obtain better results in terms of the ‘matches’ between companies and talent, Silabuz evaluates the technologies that the market requires and opens calls for various training sessions. In the case of developers with experience or certain prior knowledge, the platform provides adequate training so that the applicant is suitable for the job opportunities offered.

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“We provide technical training, clearly related to the programming language that is being sought, but we also train them in soft skillscommunication, teamwork, resilience, emotional intelligence and other things that are necessary for a person to be successful at work”says Mujica.

In general, applicants first fill out a form, take certain technical tests, deliver a portfolio of developed codes, pass socio-emotional evaluations and, with this, the recommendations for which they are suitable are evaluated. or go on a waiting list if this is the case.

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MIT recognition

By Silabuz, Mujica was named one of the 35 Innovators Under 35 in Latin America 2022, a list compiled by MIT Technology Review magazine.

“My reaction was super positive because Recognition from MIT Technology Review opens the way for new opportunities. It is an international validation and that adds a lot to the organization”, concludes the 33-year-old engineer.

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