Phaedoms of Lightning for Christodoulidis: "What was he looking for with Vgenopoulos after the haircut?"

Phaedo flashed and thundered against Nikos Christodoulidis, at the ideological-political Congress of the Democratic Alarm.

He left tips for his involvement in the investment program.

“Let the other one be crumpled, like you let him build a profile for five or ten years. It is time to tell the truth. What happened to Konstantinos Petridis with CIPA. Why did he take him to the Foreign Ministry? “We did not say publicly that CIPA and the consulate in China were instrumentalized in issuing visas for those who bought real estate in Cyprus,” he said.

At the same time, he threw the glove at Nikos Christodoulidis to answer what he was looking for in Athens after the haircut, with Andreas Vgenopoulos.

“It was not provoked publicly to reveal what was included in the dialogue between Andreas Vgenopoulos and the specific one in Athens when he was taken in the black limousine, after the haircut in Athens. These things must be answered by us and not told to be incorruptible and clumsy. “What was the specific minister looking for with Andreas Vgenopoulos?” He asked.

Sigma contacted the staff of the candidate for President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulidis, who did not want to make any comment.

The shrapnel of Phaedo, but with hints, also caught Nikos Nouris and Averof Neophytou on the burning issue of immigration.

“Averoff, you have to state your views on immigration in the coming months. Clear talk, though, not barbed wire. Not that Erdogan is instrumentalizing them. I do not know if Erdogan tools them, but they come here because they can work. You have to answer. Yes or no to be entitled to work? Yes, give them bonuses because it is the best advertisement that they will have a work permit for six years. “And my dear Nouri, six must become four and four two”, he noted.

The Mayor of Paphos also stated that Averof Neophytou must make concrete and substantive statements.

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