Pispirigou: "Storm" of questions to her sister - The deposition continues

From 1 pm, Dimitra Pispirigou testifies at the offices of the Homicide Department of the Attica Security. According to information, Roula Pispirigou’s sister has received a barrage of questions about the day of the death of six-month-old Iris. More specifically, the experienced Homicide officers asked her to describe in detail and minute by minute what happened that day but also to tell them the time when she located the six-month-old baby dead.

At the same time, she was told to give details about when Manos Daskalakis and EKAB were notified. Dimitra Pispirigou was also asked about her sister’s relationship with Manos Daskalakis, but also about the tensions that existed between them.

It is noted that Dimitra Pispirigou arrived at the General Police Directorate of Attica shortly before 13:00 noon and entered the building from the side entrance. Upon her arrival, insults were heard against her while the police tried to repel the journalists.

Roula Pispirigou: I have not hurt my children, Dimitra loved my baby as much as I did

At the same time, Roula Pispirigou describes as “unbelievable” everything that is heard in the last days around the death of Iris and Malena. Specifically, the 33-year-old speaking to Alpha claims that she does not believe what is happening, while supporting her sister, Dimitra, typically saying that “she loved my baby as much as I did. “If he had known I had hurt him, he would have come out first to say it.”

“I can not believe what is happening. I thought that everything I hear on the channels is a lie and an exaggeration. I have not hurt any of my children, what is happening to me is a huge injustice. In the last few days, my own people who have not done anything wrong are suffering unjustly. Dimitra loved my baby as much as I did. It seems unbelievable to me to think that he knew that I had hurt my baby and that he had not come out first to say so. “I am sure that in the end my innocence will be proven,” he stressed.

At the same time, Roula Pispirigou’s lawyer, Konstantinos Zigras, speaking to Mega, stressed that his client insists that he has nothing to do with the deaths of her three children. “I visited her today. She told me that she had never even considered harming any of her children because she loved them as a mother and loved them. That’s what he says from the first moment, that’s what he says now. ” As Mr. Zigras reveals, Roula Pispirigou has been informed about the outcome of the death of Iris and Malena.

“It simply came to our notice then. We look forward to receiving it and studying it. He has been very unpleasantly surprised. “She did not want to believe and could not believe that the rumors of human intervention in the death of her children would be verified.” The lawyer also added that as soon as the defendant’s side receives the medical examiners’ report, it will act accordingly.

“Once we get the conclusion in our hands complete, we will give it to expert scientists to tell us their opinion. “If we are told that the finding is unquestionable, has no gaps, is absolutely correct and can only be interpreted and is 100% that there is homicide, we will act accordingly.”

Referring to Roula Pispirigou, she pointed out that “she maintains an inner strength that makes her stand on her own two feet but begins to collapse somewhat psycho-emotionally. He feels that there is a huge injustice that he can no longer lift. He expected that the request for release from prison would be ready in a few days “.

Source: First Issue

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