Poland will deploy Patriot missiles near the border with Ukraine

NATO allies Poland and Germany have agreed to deploy extra Patriot missile launchers offered by Berlin near Poland’s border with Ukraine, Poland’s defense minister said today.

“The German defense minister has confirmed her willingness to deploy Patriot missiles on the border with Ukraine,” Polish Minister Mariusz Blazak tweeted.

“The version of the system remains to be determined, as well as how quickly they will reach us and how long they will be parked.”

Berlin has offered Poland the deployment of an array or arrays of Patriot air defense systems to ensure the protection of its airspace, after a “stray” missile fell on Polish territory last week that killed two civilians, it said yesterday. German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht to the press.

Berlin had already announced that it would offer the neighboring country help in guarding its airspace by deploying Eurofighter fighters, as the incident heightened concerns that the war could spread.

The missile that struck Poland last week, killing two people, was likely fired by a Ukrainian S-300 air defense system, not the Russian armed forces, according to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

Systems such as the American-made Patriot (Raytheon) are designed to intercept incoming missiles.

The delivery of two single rocket launchers to Ukraine, announced the Minister of the Armed Forces Sebastian Lecorny

The delivery of two single rocket launchers (LRU) to the Ukrainian troops was announced by the Minister of the Armed Forces of France, S├ębastien Lecornu, while he also confirmed the dispatch of two Crotale NG anti-aircraft batteries.

“We are also studying a Ukrainian request for radar because detecting Russian strikes in advance is vital,” the French minister added in an interview published in Le Journal du dimanche newspaper.

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Source: APE-MPE-Reuters-AFP

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