Proposals of Christodoulidis for the Revitalization of the Countryside

The independent candidate for the presidency of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulidis, today published his proposals for the Revitalization of the Countryside, which are posted on the candidate’s website, specifically on the website

The substantial revitalization of the countryside can be achieved through a holistic approach that touches all areas of governance. Within this context, it is a horizontal priority in the governance program and for this reason almost all program positions include actions aimed at revitalizing our countryside. The main aim, among others, is to stop urbanism through the provision of important incentives with particular emphasis on the health, education and work sectors with the aim of improving the quality of life of rural residents.

With targeted actions in the field of education, training, health and addressing the housing problem, basic needs of rural people are met.

At the same time, special emphasis is placed on strengthening agricultural production and entrepreneurship.

The proposals are codified in two action policies: 1. “Providing basic services in the countryside” and 2. “Support and Development of the Primary Sector”.

Among others, the proposals include:

• The promotion of the presence of personal doctors in the countryside by providing special incentives,

• The creation of model technical schools in all the provinces and in the countryside,

• The evaluation and expansion of the institution of the summer school also in the countryside,

• The promotion of the operation of regional training centers in the countryside and in mountainous areas with the aim of active and quality activity of children and adolescents during the afternoon hours,

• The gradual implementation, on the basis of criteria, of full-day schools in the countryside, in the context of the goal of gradual universal implementation of the institution of full-day schools in primary and pilot implementation in secondary education,

• Subsidizing and extending the hours of operation for childcare centers, including for the operation during the summer months, in cooperation with the Local Government and the Private Sector. Where there is a need, new childcare structures are created,

• The provision of special incentives for the creation of businesses by young people in the countryside,

• The formation through the new Business Development Organization of financial tools for farmers, especially in the cases of new farmers, who secure part of the financing for investments in the primary sector, and do not have their own resources to cover the rest of the investment,

• The promotion of the creation of cooperative companies, in order to increase the size of businesses and to create economies of scale in favor of producers,

• Strengthening the budget of the Strategic Plan 2023-2027 for the new Common Agricultural Policy, in order to support our farmers in the direction of creating modern and economically viable farms,

• The adoption, through simplified procedures, of drastic measures to limit damage from extreme weather phenomena, which occur more intensely and more frequently due to climate change, (installation of anti-hail, anti-rain networks and anti-frost systems),

• The zoning of new livestock areas, with all the necessary infrastructure so that new goat and sheep units can be installed and also to move livestock units that cannot secure the necessary licensing or create a nuisance,

• The formation of a framework for providing incentives for the utilization of idle land in mountainous and semi-mountainous areas, so that as much land as possible can be cultivated for the production of agricultural products that are currently imported.

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