PtB: Cyprus has a long way to go to close the gender gap

Cyprus has 27% of women in management-level positions, one of the lowest percentages in the EU and is ranked 22nd in the EU on the Gender Equality Index, and gender inequalities are stark in the power sector, said the President of Voulis, Annita Dimitriou.

He added that Cyprus still has a long way to go to close the gender gap and increase the participation of women in decision-making structures and leadership.

In a speech on Saturday at the 5th Mediterranean Symposium of BPW, Cyprus Federation of Business Women Professionals in Nicosia, Mrs. Dimitriou stated that reconciling professional and family obligations remains a major challenge that must be urgently overcome.

Currently, she said, Cypriot women shoulder far more care responsibilities and unpaid work than men and have limited access to leadership networks.

“The investment of €20.5 million under the Cyprus Recovery and Resilience Plan to support pre-school education and the creation of a network of childcare facilities is a positive step forward as it will enhance the full-time labor market participation of carers, in particular of women,” he added.

She also noted that we need to focus our efforts on overcoming the particular challenges women face, intensify our efforts to eliminate the gender pay and pension gaps (9% and 39%, respectively), the segregation gender gaps in education, training and employment and the under-representation of women in various sectors.

“Women have the ability to lead the way to a new normal, where equality is the rule, not the exception. Working closely together in solidarity and unity, we can strive for a better, more sustainable, just and promising future for current and future generations,” he concluded.

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Source: KYPE

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