PtB is very proud of the Institute of Genetics and Neurology

Very proud of the way it works and the work produced by the Cyprus Institute of Genetics and Neurology, states that it is the Speaker of the House of Representatives Annita Dimitriou, who visited the Institute today and was briefed on its three pillars by the Executive Director and Medical Director Leonidas Amulet. He expressed the Parliament’s support for the work of the Institute and stressed the importance of informing the citizens about the options it provides.

Ms. Dimitriou, after thanking the leadership of the Institute for the hospitality and information, expressed pride for the Institute of Genetics and Neurology for all that it offers and especially for the human resources.

As he said, specialized in the modern data, which we have to manage, scientists offer to the citizens in their services. He noted that the staff has shown beyond any doubt, especially during the pandemic and post-pandemic season, how well they have managed all this unexpected event that occurred when they were called in cooperation with the Ministry of Health to protect public health and safety of citizens. “I congratulate them once again and encourage them to continue investing in knowledge, which is science, to invest in innovation and research,” he said.

Ms. Dimitriou noted that what is offered by the Institute is very important, which contributes to the discovery of new dimensions and approaches either to new diseases or to medical challenges.

Institutionally, as a House of Representatives, he noted, “we will support and promote the work that is being produced at the Institute and for which we are very proud and proud.”

In his statements, Mr. Fylaktou said that today they had the honor and pleasure to host for the first time the Speaker of Parliament at the Institute, during which they informed her about the activities of the Institute and to guide her around the premises.

As she said, she was informed about the three pillars that the Institute deals with, the specialized services to the patients but also the research programs that contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the patients, as well as the academic programs of the postgraduate school.

Asked how the meetings he has with state officials serve the purpose of the Institute, Mr. Fylaktou said that the Institute belongs to Cyprus and therefore it is very important to transfer the work produced to all state officials and around the world in general. They try, as he said, to transfer the work done abroad and these visits are aimed at this purpose.

Taking the floor, the Speaker of Parliament said that information is a very important element, as many times the citizens themselves need to know the options offered to them as well as the work produced. “So it is our institutional obligation where we can be more properly informed and I am glad for the initiative of the Institute to be invited here today so that I can be informed about the options that exist even better and in the same way we should try through joint actions and initiatives to better inform citizens “.

Asked about the issue of euthanasia in Cyprus, Ms. Dimitriou said that it is a difficult issue, noting that the Parliament in cooperation with the bar association has organized two conferences so far. He added that there are different approaches in both the legal and scientific circles. He noted that these different approaches or decisions will be taken into account in order to conclude any suggestion, clarifying that at present there is no bill or proposal of Law before the Parliament. “However, I believe that all that is happening, the public debate, adds to the fact that we can have the best and most objective and scientifically correct point of view. Therefore, we still have a long way to go, but I consider the discussion and the dialogue that is taking place very productive “, he concluded.

Source: KYPE

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