PtB: Need to evaluate past energy strategies

The need to evaluate and adjust the strategies implemented in the past, in order to be able to address the challenges of the future, especially in the fields of energy, food security and climate change, stressed the Speaker of Parliament, Annita Dimitriou , at the 15th Conference of Speakers of the Parliaments of the Small States of Europe, held in the Parliament of Monaco.

According to a statement from Parliament, Ms. Dimitriou said that Cyprus is facing additional difficulties in meeting the challenges that arise, due to the effects of the continued occupation of part of its territory by Turkey, but also the ongoing Turkish provocations and violations against of the Republic of Cyprus.

Ms. Dimitriou also stressed the need for cooperation and development of synergies, both between the public and private sectors, as well as with neighboring countries and noted the usefulness of cooperation between small European countries, in order to exchange best practices in addressing challenges in depending on the specifics of these states, the statement said.

“The flexibility that characterizes the economies of small states allows for their adaptability and easier diversification, which is particularly important in times of crisis,” she said. Cyprus, stressed Ms. Dimitriou, who experienced in its recent history crises with significant social and economic consequences, with the emergence of the Turkish invasion and ongoing occupation, managed to reorganize due to targeted policies, hard-working, trained human its potential and its potential private sector.

Finally, Ms. Dimitriou noted that parliaments have an essential role to play in one of the most difficult periods in history and that only synergies and collaborations can ensure economic stability and sustainability.

In the debate on the role of the Parliaments of the small European states during the pandemic and the lessons learned from how to manage this crisis, the Speaker of Parliament stressed that, through the pandemic crisis, the need to transform crisis in opportunity, so that states dare to make the necessary changes that will strengthen their readiness to face any crisis that may arise in the future.

The Speaker of Parliament also stressed the need for collective action, coordination and demonstration of solidarity, in the face of any international crisis and added that at the national level, the demonstration of a spirit of unity and cooperation are key to more effective cooperation of any challenges.

Ms. Dimitriou noted as a success the fact that the House of Representatives managed to adapt to the new conditions and to continue working smoothly. “Our credibility as politicians and our integrity as institutions depend on our ability to respond quickly and effectively to the challenges facing our countries, including climate change, managing migration flows and the effects of the Russian invasion.” in Ukraine “, said the President, according to the announcement.

In addition, Ms. Dimitriou stressed that the participation of women in decision-making centers is a matter of respect for democracy and human rights, but also to ensure the most efficient operation of the state and the economy. He stressed that parliaments and institutions must work to ensure equal opportunities for women, in order to achieve equal representation of men and women and the participation of women in politics.

“My election must pave the way for other women as well,” said Dimitriou, noting that the percentage of women represented in the House of Representatives is very low.

The Speaker of Parliament also stressed that it is time to end the use of negative stereotypes about women, to promote positive female role models, to raise the issue of policies and education and to emphasize the promotion of positions and advantages in key positions without leaving anyone behind. due to his / her gender. “It’s time for democracy to be served as it deserves, because only then can we secure the future we deserve,” he concluded.

The Conference concluded with the adoption of a Joint Declaration, which reflects the discussions that took place during the Conference.

A proposal by the Speaker of Parliament included a reference to the commitment of small states to respect for the principles of international law and human rights, as an important tool for the protection of small states. An amendment by Mrs Demetriou was also adopted, stating the importance of strengthening the readiness of Parliaments to face future challenges, focusing on the needs and priorities of the people. On the issue of equality, Ms. Dimitriou also adopted amendments on the importance of changing the rhetoric for women’s participation, the commitment of Parliaments to promote gender equality in decision-making centers and the promotion of conditions that will allow more women to follow the example of women leaders.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives is accompanied by the General Director of the House, Mrs. Tasoula Ieronymidou.

Source: KYPE

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