PtB: We care and want to regain our lost credibility

The extroversion of the Parliament, our image to the outside world, how best we communicate to the citizens whom we serve, our work, is of interest to us and we want to regain our lost credibility, said the President of the Chamber Annita Dimitriou, in a presentation on Wednesday of conducted for the 2021-2022 parliamentary term (as of September).

The presentation took place, after the pandemic, in the historic building of the Parliament, to which the MPs returned, a fact to which Mrs. Dimitriou specifically referred.

In the 2021-2022 parliamentary term, 742 meetings were held, 218 bills and 104 regulations and 247 proposed laws were tabled.

Mrs. Dimitriou referred, among other things, at length to the critical legislation related to the recovery and resilience fund, analyzed the parliamentary actions abroad, spoke about the conferences hosted in the Parliament, the visits of foreign officials, the Pothen Esches and more.

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Source: KYPE

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