PtD: Calls on an international actor to intervene to restart dialogue on the Cyprus issue

The meeting with the Chancellor of Germany is a continuation of the effort made by the Government to create the conditions for the resumption of the dialogue on the Cyprus issue, said tonight the President of the Republic, Mr. Nikos Anastasiadis.

In his statements to the journalists attending the EBE Limassol event and asked if with his upcoming meeting with the Chancellor of Germany he will make a last ditch effort on the Cyprus issue, President Anastasiades replied “no last resort. It is a continuation of the efforts we are making in order to create the necessary conditions to restart a dialogue.

Of course, in order to create conditions, Turkey also needs to return to the right path, that is, to the path of international law. Otherwise, we will watch the hardening of positions not only towards Cyprus, but also the potential dangers that are created as a result of a revisionist policy presented in the Aegean, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Nagorno Karabakh and beyond”.

Asked if it is possible to do something about the Cyprus issue given Turkey’s attitude, the President of the Republic said that “the issue is not how feasible it is at the moment, the issue is to repeat what we have been doing since the Cran Montana shipwreck, the the need for the international actor and the EU in particular, our family in other words, to realize that without the intervention we, a small country like Cyprus, cannot achieve results, as we all wish”.

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