PTD: With the loss of Lyssaridis, a circle of distinguished politicians closes

With the loss of Vassos Lyssaridis, closes a large historical circle of distinguished politicians who fought for liberation from the colonial yoke, and built the Republic of Cyprus, President Anastasiadis stressed on Friday, adding that what we inherited today as a Cypriot building to this generation, which, as he said, “has a strong imprint on the personality of the honorary, permanent President of EDEK”.

In his greeting at the political memorial of the historical leader of EDEK, at the Pallas Theater, in Nicosia, President Anastasiadis stated that Vassos Lyssaridis, “through the course of life that he consciously chose to follow, succeeded in gaining universal recognition and of the whole political world and the people of our homeland, and not only “.

He also said that Vassos Lyssaridis had associated his name with the most important events in modern Cypriot history, while expressing deep respect for his personality.

“Exercising influence on the genesis and evolution of the Cypriot state, he then linked his name with the most important events in the modern history of Cyprus, indelibly marking the political life of the country as one of its protagonists,” said President Anastasiadis .

As he added, Vassos Lyssaridis, in his leading form, imposed respect and recognition. He was a politician with all that entails.

“A leader out of his struggles for freedom, democracy for the whole world. “A renowned politician with a constant presence in the seats of the House of Representatives and its President during the period 1985-1991”, said the President of the Republic.

He highlighted “his dialectical personality, his torrent of political discourse, his documentation, the arguments he originally formulated and transmitted”, adding that “in his poems, as well as in his political action, the sense of civic responsibility diffuses, from which asks to do what it owes for the homeland and its liberation “.

He also noted that although he went to different parties with Vassos Lyssaridis, “I want to confess with all sincerity that I never but never fell behind in the deepest respect for his personality.”

President Anastasiadis said that he could not forget “what Vassos Lyssaridis always said, that even though he was still dead, he would not stop fighting for the liberation of our homeland”.

“I feel really proud today because I had the honor as President of the Democratic Alarm to honor him on behalf of the party for what he offered to our country,” said the President of the Republic.

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