Mini Cup. (Photo: Google)

On the occasion of the 2022 Soccer World Cup that started this weekend in Qatar, Google has launched a new mini game that allows users to face two teams with shots on goal and introduces a rating system that collects the results of players worldwide.

The company has introduced an option in its search engine that encourages users to be part of this tournament and to know all the details of the participating teams, as well as their stats, standings, lineups and match-related news.

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Specifically, Google has launched a game that can be accessed by typing in the search engine references to the World Cup that began in Qatar on Sunday, November 20. Between them, ‘World Cup’, ‘World Cup’, ‘World Cup Qatar 2022′ and even the teams that will face each other in the tournament. For example, ‘Mexico against Poland’.

Mini Cup. (Photo: Google)

Once the search engine shows the results obtained, a blue and white button appears in the lower right part of the interface, where it shows a soccer ball in motion. Clicking on it opens a menu in which you can read the name of the game, minicup, and encourage all fans of the tournament to “score goals before the end of each match”.

Next, it has all the matches that will take place in the next 7 days, with the teams that will face each other, their corresponding flags and the classification that they have been registering with unfolding this game all over the world.

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After choosing the desired match, Google details when it will take place, the time, the corresponding phase (currently there is the group phase, so it indicates the group to which they belong). After choosing the country with which you want to play, the game begins and the ball is placed in the center of the screen.

In the upper part, the goalkeeper of the opposing team is located and next to the flag of each country another classification is presentedthe one achieved by the players of this Google special for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

The goalkeeper, who is an animal with his corresponding kit, will move from side to side to stop the ball and, as the penalties are scored, he will gain more speed. The match ends when he manages to stop a ball or the player shoots off target, at which point a ranking system is deployed.

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In this, the total goals achieved by the player in all the games are indicated on the left, while on the right appears the classification in which the highest score has been achieved. Down, the classifications will be added from the rest of the users who are currently playing the game.

Mini Cup. (Photo: Google)

Mini Cup. (Photo: Google)

Likewise, Google presents below the summary of the match between both teams throughout the classification, their victories, their losses, the chronology, the probability of victory and draw, the line-ups (which will be published before the game) and other data from interest.

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Among them, player injuries and suspensions of each selection. In the former, in addition to the name and photograph of the player, the type of injury and the date of incorporation of the athlete to his corresponding team are included.

Mini Cup is a game that is only available for mobile devices, both those with Android and iOS operating systems, and that requires placing the mobile in vertical position to play.

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