Qatar 2022: what recommendations should you take into account if you are going to take your personal smartphone to the World Cup?

The start of the World Cup is getting closer and, with it, certain recommendations also come for those who will visit the country where it will take place. Government authorities have suggested certain points related to the use of smartphones.

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The National Commission for Informatics and Liberties (CNIL) of France has recommended that fans do not take your personal cell phones, but buy a disposable onesince the applications that Qatar has asked them to install could be spyware.

It’s about Hayya and Ehteraz. While the first platform is official for the tournament and is used to access the subway and monitor the matches, the second focuses on the control of COVID-19.

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Said applications would have access to not only fans’ personal information, but also their identification number and other permissions such as WiFi connection, calls and location.

However, if you are one of those who will carry your own mobile phone, here are two points to keep in mind.

remove apps

The entity recommended that attendees Please install the app just before you leave your country and delete it when you return. In addition, he reinforced the importance of carrying your mobile at all times, creating secure passwords and “Limit online connection to services that require authentication to the strict minimum.”

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Be careful with cell phone content

Hammurabi Noufouri, director of the Doctorate in Cultural Diversity of the National University of Three of Februarypointed out to Telam media that it is important to be careful with what is stored on the mobile during your stay in Qatar. “The erotic content that tourists, perhaps, can carry on their cell phones is better to delete”said. “If they check and find something, they can magnify everything and accuse them of promoting pornography”he added.

Thus, fans will avoid having a bad time with security agents, who number more than 50,000 and they are able to review personal cell phones in the event of an incident.

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