Reactions on WhatsApp: what they are, what they are and how to use them

After a series of leaks, mark zuckerberg has confirmed that the reactions are about to reach WhatsApp. As explained by the president of Meta in a post on Facebook, this tool will be available on all mobile devices and the web version throughout today.

With this, WhatsApp catches up with other applications which already include reactions like Messenger, Instagram either Telegram.

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WhatsApp carries months working on the implementation of the reactions to the messagessince it has been adding new features in its different beta versions for both iOS and Android.

It was last November when WABetaInfo reported that the social network was planning to launch the possibility of reacting to messages with a series of emoticons that would be indicated below the texts, as well as the images and videos received.

Specific, WhatsApp began to implement reactions to messages in the beta version for Android, where it was noted that the emoji that would initially arrive in the official version would be ‘I like’, ‘I love’, ‘Smiling’, ‘Surprised’ , ‘Sad’ and ‘Thank you’.

What are reactions on WhatsApp?

Basically, It is a group of emojis with which you can react to the messages, images and videos that your contacts send you. Thanks to them we can express laughter, anger, affirmation, sadness, etc.

As we already mentioned, mark zuckerberg indicated that the reactions will arrive on WhatsApp on May 5, but it could take hours for the update to reach every device in the world.

What are the reactions that reach WhatsApp?

It is known that from May 5 they will be available six reactionsat least starting, since it is expected that more will be added as the weeks go by.

These are the reactions that reach WhatsApp: 👍, ❤️, 😂, 😮, 😢 and 🙏.

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How to use reactions?

Just like on Telegram, Messenger or Instagram, To use the reactions, you will have to hold down the chat message and drag your finger to the emoji you want..

Also, after that, the selected emoji will be seen in small in the chat.

With information from El Comercio and EuropaPress.

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