Reactions to the Turkish Foreign Minister's visit continue in the occupied territories

The impact of the Turkish Foreign Minister’s illegal visit to the occupied territories continues. Representatives of the Turkish Cypriot opposition react in high tones to the statements and messages sent by Mevlüt Çavuşoλουlu. As expected, the “government” is in a hurry to provide cover to the Turkish diplomat.

According to the Press and Information Office (GTP), “Avroupa” writes that the “MP” of the Republican Turkish Party (RTK), Dogus Dergia, stated that no foreign minister has the right to ignore the decisions of the PLO, which is a shield of protection, in its expression, in the labor struggles, in the struggle for peace and freedom and in the protection of the rights of the Turkish Cypriots.

According to Ms. Dergia, Mr. Tsavousoglou does not have the right to “slander and attack a member of parliament” who was sent to the “parliament” with the “votes” of the “people”.

Expressing the view that by spreading the culture of fear and restricting trade union activities, an effort is being made to destroy anything that could be a hope for the Turkish Cypriots to stand on their own two feet, Ms. Dergia added that “what is against the interest of the community “It is the politicians who add some suggestions to the protocols to do what they want, ignoring the Turkish Cypriots and acting as sheriffs of the (Turkish) colony in Cyprus.”

The reactions of the Turkish Cypriot opposition

According to “Avrupa”, another RTK “MP”, Devrim Barcin, stated that “Turkish Cypriots do not need money and Ankara officials to stand on their own two feet”.

“Relations with Turkey can definitely not proceed in this way. If we say we have our own ‘constitution’, we will stand on our own two feet, Turkey will know that this country has MPs. “I do not want your money or your employees,” he said.

On the same issue, according to Halkin Sesi, the United Cyprus Party (KEK) issued a written statement criticizing the attitude and policy set by the Turkish Foreign Minister during his illegal visit to the occupied territories.

In the announcement, the KEK states that Tsavousoglou showed a dichotomous attitude, demanding two separate sovereign states and rejecting all the agreements reached in the past on the Cyprus issue. The party of the Turkish Left also adds that the rejection of the MOE submitted by President Nikos Anastasiadis, is “a continuation of the policy that holds the Turkish Cypriots hostage.”

The allegations of the “government”

For his part, referring to Mr. Tsavousoglu’s visit, “Interior Minister” Ziya Oztukler claimed that they do not accept any imposition on the issue of “granting tvk citizenship illegally”.

As “Halkin Sesi” writes, Mr. Ozturkler hinted that Mr. Tsavousoglu’s words on this issue were paraphrased.

Source: KYPE

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