Rooney: "Messi is better than Maradona, Argentina are favourites"

Wayne Rooney glorified Lionel Messi, claiming in his interview with The Times that he is better than Maradona, while emphasizing that Argentina is the big favorite for the World Cup.

For Wayne Rooney, the battle of the top footballer is won by Lionel Messi, with the 37-year-old declaring to The Times that Cristiano Ronaldo is more of a scorer.

In fact, referring to the 2022 World Cup, he emphasized that Argentina is the big favorite for his conquest, a title that would complete the Argentine star, who wants to complete his collection.

“People said the same thing about Cristiano Ronaldo when he won the Euro with Portugal in 2016. It would be a big story for football if Messi or Ronaldo won the World Cup.

I have heard some of the Argentina players say they want to win it for Messi. This is crazy and can only increase the pressure on them.

Everyone has different opinions about Messi and Ronaldo, but I have said many times that I think Messi is the best. I have watched many videos of Diego Maradona, who was a similar player, but Messi is better.

He has everything, the way he controls games, dribbles, assists, while Ronaldo is more of a scorer.

For me, Argentina is the favorite. Unlike in 2018 they have a lot of good solid players around Lionel Messi like Lautaro Martinez, Leandro Paredes, Rodrigo De Paul and of course Angel Di Maria.

Winning the Copa America last year will have given them confidence and taken some pressure off them. They will also like the climate.

The only thing they’re missing is a No9, that focal point in attack, but I think they’ll be really dangerous.”


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