Rooney to Ronaldo: "It's hard for him to manage growing up"

Wayne Rooney responded to what Cristiano Ronaldo said against him in his interview with Piers Morgan. The former teammate of the Portuguese started that the 37-year-old ace of Manchester United cannot come to terms with the idea that he has now grown up a lot.

“He is a fantastic player. He and Messi are probably the two best players of all time. What I said is not a criticism. I said that age plays a role in all of us at some point. Obviously Cristiano is having a hard time handling this. Some of the comments he made are strange. United will look into the matter and take whatever action is required,” the DC United manager stressed.

It is recalled that Ronaldo had said about Rooney: “I don’t understand why he judges me all the time. Maybe you should ask him. Six months ago he had come to my house. I don’t know, maybe some people want to be in the headlines. Maybe because he stopped at 30 he does that. Or he’s jealous because I’m prettier than him (laughs). It’s bad to hear things like that from your old teammates.”


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