Russia is stepping up its attacks in the wake of Victory Day parades

Ukraine had hoped to evacuate more civilians from a besieged Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol on Saturday as Russian forces launched new bombings across the country ahead of Victory Day celebrations in Moscow. The Azovstal steel plant is the last enclave of the Ukrainian resistance in the devastated port city, and its fate has taken on symbolic value in the wider battle unleashed by the Russian invasion.

Fifty women, children and the elderly were removed from the Azovstal steel plant with the help of the United Nations and the Red Cross. After almost two months in the factory premises they saw the light of day again. But nearly 150 civilians remain trapped.

The Ukrainian president, meanwhile, says he is working diplomatically to rescue the soldiers. “We are working on diplomatic options to save our army, which is still in Azovstal. Influential mediators are involved. “States with influence,” he stressed.

Ukraine’s defense minister has said Russian forces have resumed their offensive on the spot, despite previous talks on a ceasefire that would allow trapped civilians to leave the compound. Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk said rescuers would try to evacuate more civilians today.

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On Monday, Moscow and President Vladimir Putin will celebrate Soviet victory in World War II over Nazi Germany with a traditional Victory Day parade.

Russia’s campaign in Ukraine has met with fierce resistance, prompting Kiev’s Western allies to impose heavy economic sanctions on the Russian economy and Putin’s inner circle. But with Victory Day fast approaching, Ukrainian officials fear more intense rocket and artillery bombardment and new attacks as Moscow fights for symbolic victories.

The Ukrainian Rescue Service said a rocket hit a technical college in Kontadinovka, in the eastern part of Donetsk, causing a fire and killing at least two people. Donetsk regional governor Pavlo Kirilenko said there had been “mass bombings” along the front line. Attacks were also reported in northern Ukraine near the city of Kharkiv and in the southern city of Nikolaev, a key Russian target.

But Ukrainian forces counterattacked. According to the Ministry of Defense, Russian forces were forced to demolish three road bridges near Tsyrkuny and Ruski Tyshky outside Kharkov, to slow down Ukrainian advance.
Speaking to the BBC, President Zelensky said he would accept a peace deal under which Russian troops would return to their positions before the February 24 invasion.

The UN Security Council, meanwhile, has unanimously adopted a resolution on Ukraine for the first time in a row following a series of Russian vetoes, expressing concern for peace and security, but without using the words war, conflict or invasion.

“It is important that the Secretary-General has the full support of the Security Council in its efforts to find a peaceful solution to the Ukraine war. “The family of the United Nations and its international and national partners are making a heroic effort to support the Ukrainian people,” she said.

The thriller continues with whether the Makarov frigate of the Russian Navy was hit by a Ukrainian rocket Neptun and caught fire in the Black Sea. The Ukrainian news website Dumskaya published a satellite photo that he said depicted the frigate in flames, something that could not be independently verified.

At the same time, US President Joe Biden announced a new $ 150 million military aid package to Ukraine, which includes additional ammunition, radar and other equipment, but warned that military funds for Kyiv had been “practically exhausted”.

Meanwhile, US First Lady Jill Biden is in Romania and will travel to Slovakia to highlight the US government’s support for Ukrainian refugees.

Source: ERT

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