Russian bombing in Odessa

Three Dagger rockets fired by a Tu-22 bomber struck Odessa today during European Council President Charles Michel’s visit to the southern Ukrainian city, according to Ukrinform, citing reports from the local municipal authority.

“Three Dagger missiles were fired from a strategic Tu-22 bomber. Tourist infrastructure was affected. Five buildings were destroyed. The fire was extinguished, two people were taken to the hospital “, the message of the Odessa municipal council states in the Telegram.

It is recalled that as it became known earlier by a European official, Charles Michel had been forced to enter a shelter due to a rocket attack during his surprise visit to Odessa.

“The Kremlin wants to suppress your spirit of freedom and democracy. “I am absolutely convinced that he will never succeed,” the European Council president said in a video posted on Twitter, hours after the celebrations in Moscow and the annual Red Square military parade for the Soviet army’s victory over Nazi Germany. in World War II.

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Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

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