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  • High and stable transfer speeds

  • Durable construction

  • Compact dimensions


  • High price

  • Slight heating outside of load

If you regularly work with data, you need to transfer it, and any shortage would mean a major problem, it’s not just about high speeds, but also durability or encryption. The SanDisk Professional G-Drive SSD has all these features, so the drive can withstand falls, adverse conditions such as dust or water and safely transfer data from place A to place B.

Its advantages, apart from durability and 256-bit AES-XTS hardware encryption, are also compact dimensions, and especially speed. It transfers large files at a speed of over 700 MB/s, stable even on files of several hundred megabytes. Both reading and writing speeds are great and it outperforms the competition in many ways.

So the disc itself has no obvious defects and that is a feature that has to be paid for. The price of CZK 7,000 for 1 TB of storage space is more than double that of the competition. You get slightly higher transfer speeds and durability, but not everyone appreciates these features for doubling the price tag.

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Write and read parameters: it doesn’t get much faster.

We measured the parameters and compared them with the Samsung Portable SSD T7 Shield model.

It is surpassed only by the not so widespread interfaces Thunderbolt 4 or USB-C Gen2x2.

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