Scholarship in memory of Evi Papadopoulou for postgraduate studies at CIM

A full scholarship for the postgraduate program “MSc Digital Marketing” worth € 8000, is granted for the 4th consecutive year by KEAN, in collaboration with the Cyprus Institute of Marketing (CIM) and the University of West London.

According to an announcement by KEAN, “this scholarship has been established in memory of Evi Papadopoulou, one of the owners of KEAN, Marketing Director and member of the Board of KEAN, a distinguished professional and respected member of the Cypriot society.”

It is noted that the “Evi Papadopoulou” scholarship has already become an institution in the Cypriot educational events and supports the efforts of young people who aspire to enrich their knowledge and excel in the field of marketing. In addition, this initiative falls under the social responsibility program implemented by the KEAN Group, which aims to develop the Cypriot society and support the needs of its citizens.

The Deputy Marketing Director of KEAN, Maria Odysseos, stated that “with this full scholarship we want to give motivation and value to the effort of young students to achieve higher academic and research goals.”

Source: KYPE

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