Seven unknown uses that you can give to the USB ports of your TV

Smart TVs or smart tv They came to make our lives easier. In addition to allowing us to connect to the different streaming services, it is also possible to carry out other activities such as transmitting files such as photos, documents or videos. The latter, thanks to the USB ports carry these televisions.

However, there is a considerable amount of not so well-known things that we can do with the USB ports of our televisions, as long as we have Android TV. Next, we tell you what they are:

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  • Charging station. In addition to connecting accessories, USB ports allow us to charge our mobile devices and other wearables. If you can’t find your mobile phone charger, you know what to do.
  • Install applications from outside the Play Store. Televisions with Android TV allow you to install apps from outside their official store in APK format, just like mobile phones. After downloading the file, you will have to save it on a USB memory to proceed with the installation. But remember that installing files outside of the official store is always a risk. If you are going to do it, let it be only from trusted sites.
  • Record your programs from TV. There are different apps that will help you do it, all you need is to connect a USB memory to the TV to have a place to store the content.
  • External memory. Smart TVs do not usually have much internal storage memory, so if you have many apps it will fill up soon. You can increase the storage capacity with a USB stick or an external hard drive.
  • Connect a game controller. Use the USB cable to connect a compatible controller and you can play as if it were a console. In this way, you can resume games on streaming services such as Xbox Game Pass, or simply use it as a controller.
  • Connect a webcam. We usually use the mobile or the PC to make video calls, but it is also possible to do it from the TV. You just have to take into account that the webcam is compatible.
  • Update your operating system. Although Android smart TVs perform this process automatically, it may be useful to reinstall the system or update it via USB, first obtaining the firmware packages corresponding to your model.

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