Sofronis: & amp; quot; Apollo was 100% effective - Congratulations on the victory & amp; quot;

Sofronis Augousti spoke after the end of the Apollon-APOEL match that took place in Tsirio for the 8th game of the playoffs.

Everything the coach of the guests said:

“Good Evening. A good match with many goals. I have no complaints about the approach of my players. These matches are judged in detail. All from the first to the end were not with us. We have made a great effort lately. I have no complaints from the players. We know our problems and weaknesses. We played good football, we could have won. We paid for some of our mistakes. This is not an excuse because at this level you have to be careful. We continue for the next match. We were with our backs to the wall. Thanks to the players for the great effort. Apollo was effective. Congratulations on the victory. Thank you to the people who came and supported us. Derby between two very good teams. Go on, that’s what I said in the locker room. The next game with Anorthosis is important, we all know for what reasons. I do not think any of you have seen the effort. The opponent hit the points, won and deserves congratulations.

What we need to do is to end the year, to see the weaknesses and to strengthen the team for the new season. At the moment, Anorthosis is only in our minds. It will be done where the evaluation is needed and we will be able to bring the best with the management. The new year will be more difficult.

We paid for the mistakes. Throughout we controlled the match, we created issues for the opponent. We paid for all the mistakes we made.

The next race is definitely important for us. We are playing at home, with an opponent who will come there and we did not beat them this year. Be ready to fight for the three-pointer. And 2nd place leads to the Champions League.

I came here to do my job. I do not have regular complaints, I personally have some complaints. We will analyze them all together. If you want something more you have to avoid these on the field.

We had two excellent center forwards and we may not have them together until the end of the year. Congratulations if Apollon wins the championship. A great effort is made to Apollo. What I have to do as a coach is to find the best where we have weaknesses and bring it to the team. You already know my way of playing, my approach. For the last 6 years as a coach, I think in all the teams, you know what I have done “.

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