Sony Still Makes MP3 Players: Why Does Their Latest Model Cost Nearly $4,000?

Sony it continues to keep MP3 players alive, even though smartphones have taken their place for users. The company caters these kinds of devices to an interested audience, and its latest model costs $3,700.

The company has overturned his look towards collectors and audiophiles, because the mass use of MP3 players stopped when people started using smartphones. Therefore, they focus on giving a better sound and using high quality components. for users looking for the best audio devices.

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“The Signature Series WM1ZM2 is a new benchmark for pure sound quality and sophisticated listening. With quality materials, thoughtful design, and ease of downloading and streaming music, this is audio at its finest.”, assured .

The device has a digital amplifier with S-Master HX with fine-tuned capacitors. “It supports native DSD format and supports high power and balanced output. Reduces distortion and noise at various frequencies for rich, full soundwhich is further improved by the new high-quality lead-free solder,” the company said.

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It also has a Kimber Kable adapter, which allows you to connect the amplifier to the headphone jack, and a 99.99% pure gold-plated oxygen-free copper chassis. “Offers more advantages in audio quality and high rigidity. The bass notes are crisp and powerful, the atmosphere wider, and the mid and high range sounds incredible,” added Sony. “The result is a clear sound that seems to come out of silence”, he sentenced.

The model has 256 GB of capacity, which can be expanded. It also allows WiFi streaming, has a USB-C connector and also 40 hours of autonomy in 96kHz FLAC file playback mode. The interface has a 5-inch (12.7 cm.) screen, which has, for the first time, a resolution of 720p. It also has Hi-Res Audio wired and wireless audio support.

For these reasons, the company places a high price for this MP3 player. By having innovative technology for audio and high-quality components, as well as pure gold in some of its parts, the cost rises. And since it is focused on a select audience, they do not see the need to look for a “more reasonable” price.

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