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Have high-quality audio with you even on the go or anywhere further than the headphone cable from the computer or headphone amplifier, requires another device to play music. Nowadays, it is usually not possible to plug headphones into a mobile phone, because they often lack a headphone jack. Even if mobile phones had it, the output quality would still not be good and there would be a problem with the performance of the built-in headphone amplifier.

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The Sony Walkman WM1ZM2 also comes with a luxurious leather case

So, if you want to enjoy high-quality music with demanding headphones, you have two options – buy an external D/A converter with a headphone amplifier for your mobile phone or buy a good music player. The Sony Walkman WM1ZM2 is also aimed at this group of users, offering the quality of a desktop amplifier with a D/A converter in a portable format. From a musical point of view, there is almost nothing to complain about.

However, the Walkman is not completely perfect, it does not have enough power for the most demanding headphones, the battery life is not exactly long, and charging is slow. However, the practical criticism is directed towards the weight, because the player weighs half a kilo, so it cannot be described as a travel device.

The price of CZK 95,500 is not for everyone, and it is clear that this is how the target group is predestined to be wealthier music lovers. If you want a fancy build or some goodies, there are many cheaper and similar quality DAPs or DAC travel headphone amps out there.

Design and control

Due to the high price, the player is placed in the class of premium devices. This means not only the use of quality materials, but also the inclusion of a luxurious case. However, it also has a negative side, because the sturdy metal construction is also very heavy, the player weighs almost half a kilo. If we add to that the large dimensions and the case, we can raise the question of whether this is a portable device at all.

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