"Soso Jim", the officer, the sms in prison and Netflix (VIDEO)

Justice “shouts” for immediate cleansing, at a time when one revelation follows another and all together create quicksand.

The messages of the Police officer with the prisoner are shocking.

With the code name “SOSO JIM”, it is said that the mobile phone of the police officer had been passed by the prisoner.

During the conversations, the prisoner allegedly claimed that he would receive the amount of 3000 euros – as a salary – for information he would give to the officer.

Regarding the fears that Ms. Aristotelous expressed about her life, she said that after what the specific officer did, she can not be sure of anything.

In her statements to Sigma, she also explained why she refused to meet with the officer despite the fact that he had sent her an official letter, citing a discussion in the public interest.

According to her, the beginning of evil was the selection of prisons by NETFLIX for the documentary “the best prisons in the world”.

The prisoners were not left with their hands tied, since they were sent a letter through a representative and they declare that they are ready to testify if necessary.

On Monday, the official complaint will be made by the legal representatives of Mrs. Aristotle, to the Attorney General.

According to information, immediately after the complaint, the police officer will be made available, against whom a criminal investigation is expected to begin.

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