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The Sound Recorder program first appeared 30 years ago in Windows 3.0 with a multimedia extension. With minor modifications, it lasted until Windows XP, when Microsoft began to add new features. In addition, in the Tens, he changed his name to Voice Recorder. Yesterday the creators betrayedthat this recorder will be called Sound Recorder again and it will not be the only change.

A brand new application will head to the insider Dev channel of Windows 11, which will also bring a modified look using rounded corners, translucent Mica material and a light / dark mode switch. In addition, it offers other features.

It will be possible not only to record the sound, but also to import it for possible further editing for the first time. During playback and recording, a waveform is now visible, showing whether the sound is not too quiet or, on the contrary, overexcited. You can also insert timestamps on the timeline.

And export opportunities will expand. The current application only stored audio in MPEG-4 Part 14 (M4A), the new application will also offer MP3, ASF, WAV and FLAC, including the option to “select” the data stream. However, the user does not enter exact values, only four different quality levels.

However, something better, such as the free Audacity, will still come in handy for more advanced editing and editing.

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