Starfield: the exclusive Xbox video game that will allow you to travel through 1,000 worlds |  PHOTOS

During the event Xbox & Bethesda Showcase 2022, showed part of what will include Starfield, the new game that will lead the exclusive Xbox catalog. The first gameplay lasts 15 minutes.

Todd Howard, director of Starfield, mentioned that users will be able to customize their character/ship from scratch and choose from 1000 planets to navigatewhich are still being designed.

According to the gameplay, this game seems to be a shooter (shooting video game) that will have the future as its setting, where the characters will have to explore the area in search of resources. Regarding the game modes, these will remain unknown, since they were not mentioned directly.

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Starfield will be available for free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

So far it is known that the launch of this video game during 2023, however, They did not announce an exact date.

The expectations for this video game are quite high, because, so far, it is one of the few games that have been presented exclusively at the Xbox 2022 event.

Check out the trailer and first gameplay of Starfield in the videos below.

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