Support for Cypriot MEPs for the use of Euros by Turkish Cypriots

Today, Geni Duzen publishes statements by Cypriot MEPs Costas Mavridis and Dimitris Papadakis to journalist Sami Ozouslou, both of which support the adoption of the Euro by the Turkish Cypriots.

According to the GTP, the journalist writes that the DIKO MEP, Costas Mavridis, expressed full support for the use of the Euro by the Turkish Cypriots. He pointed out that the Turkish Cypriots would not be able to formally join the Eurozone because the implementation of the European Acquis has been suspended in the occupied territories and noted that they could nevertheless move informally to the use of the Euro, something for which there are examples.

He said that the use of the Euro by the Turkish Cypriots will be useful in many ways and that economic stability could occur after the instability caused by the use of the Turkish pound.

“By moving to the Euro, the Turkish Cypriots will move closer to the EU to which they belong,” said Costas Mavridis, who, when asked, said that no official step could be taken in the European institutions in this direction, because the European Acquis has been suspended. in the occupied territories, but there could be informal initiatives.

In his own statements, Dimitris Papadakis said that although difficult, the transition of the Turkish Cypriots to the Euro would be a good development. He noted that if the Turkish Cypriots decide, they could start using the Euro and added that he will be informed by European economists on the issue and will make a special effort. He noted that this could be useful, adding that “Turkish Cypriots need to build a common future within the EU.”

Noting that at the moment there is no suitable climate for a comprehensive solution in Cyprus, the EDEK MEP said that the development of relations between the two communities is a necessary condition to pave the way for dialogue.

Stating that Turkey wants to control the occupied part of the island, the Turkish Cypriots and gradually the whole of Cyprus, Dimitris Papadakis called on the Anastasiadis government not to remain indifferent to this and added that the Cypriot government should help the Turkish Cypriots financially and create opportunities. employment specifically for young people.

Source: KYPE

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