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Systems ‘in the cloud’ of companies are used for cryptocurrency mining

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systems based on cloud are becoming a key component of business operations and infrastructure and cybercriminals are harnessing their potential for various malicious activities, the latest of which is data mining. cryptocurrencies.

The cybersecurity company Trend Micro detected that there is an increase in criminal groups that exploit the resources of the ‘cloud’ or ‘in the cloud’ systems of companies and individuals –specifically the CPU power of the deployed cloud instances– to mine cryptocurrencies, avoiding having to assume the costs of the energy consumption that is generated.

“At first glance, it is easy to think that a mining attack cryptocurrencies it is more of a nuisance than a serious attack, compared to other forms of intrusion such as ‘ransomware’, as it involves resource consumption rather than theft or encryption of sensitive data. However, the true cost of a mining attack can often be underestimated”warn Trend Micro in a recently published report.

The company has calculated the resource consumption and cost of a cloud-based cryptocurrency mining attack. Specific, It costs approximately $20/month to run a system at 13% utilization, a figure that multiplies by six to $130/month when 100% utilization is used.This is the calculation for a single machine, while large organizations deploy multiple instances in the cloud, which leads to a huge increase in resource consumption and expenses”details.

“But that is only the tangible cost of a mining attack. cryptocurrencies. There are also indirect consequences that an affected organization may suffer, such as interruption and slowdown of operationswhich can lead to a loss of income or even damage to the organization’s reputation due to the inconvenience caused to its clients”, add the note.

Organizations can take proactive steps to cover security gaps in your cloud deployments. These range from following general cloud and security best practices, such as timely patching and avoiding cloud API exposure to the Internet, to specific recommendations such as enforcing rules that monitor systems for of any alarm signal.

Trend Micro experts urge “ensure systems are up to date and only necessary services are running”while encouraging “deploy firewall, IDS/IPS, and cloud endpoint security to limit and filter network traffic to and from known bad hosts”filtering domains associated with known mining pools.

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