Tamasou Isaias: The modernization of the Church and the Cyprus issue (VIDEO)

In the succession race for the Archbishop’s throne and officially the Metropolitan of Tamasos and Orenis Isaias.

The Metropolitan announced his candidacy at an event of his support group, highlighting the need to modernize the church.

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He noted that cuts should be made to the church to modernize it while clarifying his position regarding the Ukrainian Autocephalous. “The much-vaunted Ukrainian issue, now with war, has ended and there can be no going back from the decisions of the universal throne. Regardless of the elections in Cyprus”.

He also presented his vision for the role of the Church in the problems faced by the citizens.

Among other things, he mentioned “supporting the elderly, young people and children, the Church can create jobs.” The Cyprus issue is a problem of invasion and occupation…”.

The Archpriest also referred to the work he has done so far in the Metropolis of Tamasos and Orinis.

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