Tatar meeting for non-participation of Turkish athletes in Islamic games in Turkey

The steps that must be taken for the pseudo-state to participate in the 5th Islamic Solidarity Games organized by Turkey, as well as in other international games, were discussed in a meeting at the “presidential” by Ersin Tatar with the “prime minister”, Unal Ustel and the “sup. » Tahsin Ertugruloglou.

As broadcast in the occupied territories, a statement from the “presidential” states that in 1980 the then “t/c federal state” had taken part in the first games of Islamic countries organized by Turkey, but since then due to the internal regulations governing the organization they have not been able to rejoin.

In this year’s event again in Turkey, it is added, it is not only the pseudo-state that does not participate, but also Russia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Central Africa and Thailand, although these countries are also members of the International Olympic Committee and have status observer in the organization of the Islamic Conference, to which the organization of the sports matches is subject.

Mr. Tatar expressed his satisfaction because he has been invited to the opening ceremony of the games to be held in Iconium, Turkey by Tayyip Erdogan.

There, it is added, the Turkish leader in bilateral contacts with representatives of the countries that have been invited to the opening ceremony and are members of the OID, will raise the issue of “unjust and inhumane embargoes on Turkish youth”.

It should be noted that the issue was on the front pages of the opposition T/K newspaper “Jeni Duzen” on Thursday.

Source: KYPE

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