Tatar will order the formation of a "government" to a "member" of the KEE

A “member” of the KEE who can form a “government”, who can get a vote of confidence in the “parliament”, will give the order to form a “government”, said Ersin Tatar.

In statements to the T / C “news agency”, after the completion of his current contacts with the “parliamentary” leaders, the T / C leader said that this person should be determined by the party’s collective organs. He also said that it was not possible to give the mandate to the president of RTK, Tufan Erhiurman, who said that if he does not form a “government”, Mr. Tatar will call early “parliamentary elections” based on the powers given to him by ” constitution”. This position of Mr. Erhiurman, he said, does not help to achieve stability.

“Mathematics is there. At a time when the country needs stability, the reference to early elections as a precondition turns politics into a mechanism of chaos and not a solution. “On this condition, I will not be able to give him the order,” he said.

Asked to comment on the rumors that he would give the mandate to a “member” of the KEE, Ersin Tatar said that he should be a “member” to be nominated by the party’s bodies, otherwise the whole issue would be controversial. And this, he said, must be done immediately, that is, the collective bodies of the KEE to determine this person.

No one should have any doubt that I will make the assignment for the formation of a “government” as soon as possible, thoroughly evaluating the exchange of views with the political parties, he added, noting that some should put aside their personal benefits and see the benefit. of the “country”. It must be a priority, he continued, to produce solutions to structural problems, to deal with the global crisis that has affected both the pseudo-state, and to focus on serving the citizen.

Ersin Tatar also clarified that he does not see any early “parliamentary elections” as an alternative that he can even consider.

Commenting on the Tatar reference to him, RTK President Tufan Erhiurman wrote in a post that the Turkish leader believes that his own condition for early “elections” will lead the “country” to chaos, but he did not hesitate. , instead of removing Sunat Atoun from office, as “Prime Minister” Suzuoglu had asked him to do, caused the “government” to resign, 59 days after its formation. This, he added, led to chaos and instability.

He reiterated in another post that the RTK would not take part in a government under Faiz Suzuoglu, whose duties the opposition has not seen the protocols signed with Turkey and which have led to large increases in electricity and alcohol prices. Nor does he consider it appropriate to order Faiz Suzuoglu to form a “government” for the third time.

He also stated that he does not accept the position (of Ersin Tatar) that he will give the mandate to the opposition, but if he can not form a “government”, then he will assign it to a “member” of the KEE. “RTK says this by emphasizing that while it does not consider its own mind superior to anyone else’s, it will not accept that someone else considers its own mind superior to that of RTK.”

He added, among other things, that the RTK could only be part of a “government” of technocrats and not that would lead the “country” to “elections” and not part of a new chaos.

Source: KYPE

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