Cell phones will take pictures of zoomed-in details.  Tecno showed the world's first phone with a telescopic macro

Although the Tecno brand has only been active on the Czech market for a short time, it has been warming up on the global market for a long time, so it is not surprising that the company also devotes itself to its own research and development. This is where the Eagle Eye Lens came from, the first mobile telephoto lens with two optical prisms that automatically tracks the subjects being shot. Until now, it was necessary to track the lens manually when shooting zooms, which of course also contributes to the slight shaking of the phone when moving.

Instead of one optical prism, two are available in the design of the camera, and each of them can move along one axis. The first on the xo axis +/- 8°, the second on the y axis up to +/- 10°. This should allow the camera to automatically track objects in the viewfinder using artificial intelligence, up to +/- 16 degrees on the x-axis, and up to +/- 20 degrees on the y-axis. Of course, the Eagle Eye Lens also includes optical stabilization, which will bring corrections in the +/- 6° range.

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The Eagle Eye Lens will be able to be used both when taking photos and when recording up to 4K videos

So far, Teco sees the greatest benefit of this telephoto lens in the case of photographing fast-moving cars. While conventional telephoto lenses are often unable to capture it in its entirety at speed, Tecno is confident that its photomobile can handle it with the new telephoto lens. After all, we have to see for ourselves next year, when this camera is supposed to be included in commercially sold smartphones of the brand.

Tecno Eagle Eye Lens:

Source: Tecnomobile

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