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Telegram Premium: we tell you everything new that this service will bring

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Telegram has announced that it will launch its Telegram Premium subscription plan throughout the month of June, which includes a series of additional functions to the free version for an additional cost.

The founder of the messaging platform, Pavel Durov, has been in charge of introducing users to this premium service, which “allows anyone to acquire additional features, speed and resources,” according to a publication.

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This subscription plan also will offer users the option to “support Telegram and join the club that receives the new features first” of the messaging service.

Durov has justified the introduction of this new payment service by ensuring that many users have required an increase in the functionality of the platform in its free version, something that would be unaffordable for the company.

“The problem is that if we were to eliminate all the limits for everyone, the costs of our server and traffic would become unaffordable, so the party would unfortunately end for everyone,” he pointed out.

In this way, the management has opted for a payment option so that those “more demanding users obtain more and, at the same time, maintain other functions for free” for those who prefer this other modality without costs.

Although in the premium option Telegram offers advanced functionalities, free version users will continue to have access to current benefits and others that “are yet to come”.

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Users who do not subscribe to the payment plan will be able to enjoy some of its advantages. Thus, they will be able to see large documents, files and ‘stickers’ sent by Premium users, as well as add reactions of this modality in conversations.

The Telegram manager has finally indicated that he believes that the platform “should be financed mainly by its users” instead of doing it with ads and advertising companies.

This new subscription option will reach users throughout this month of June and, at the moment, it is unknown what specific features will be integrated into the final version.

It is worth remembering that the company announced at the end of 2020 that it would begin to monetize its service due to the increase in users platform assets. Months later, in May 2021, the Telegram Meta community warned in the latest version 8.7.2 of the iOS application that those who wished to use certain ‘stickers’ had to previously register with a paid service.

A few days ago, the developer expert in reverse engineering Alessandro Paluzzi checked the availability of these exclusive ‘stickers’, as well as other features that would be integrated into the paid version of Telegram.

Among them, the advanced chat management, the duplicity of channels and the expansion of folders and fixed chats or the possibility of sharing ten public links and having four accounts.

He also suggested that this version would have a monthly price of 4.99 euros and that it would include an increase in the download speed of multimedia files, among other features.

Telegram Premium will arrive at the end of June.

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