Tesla Semi is on the test track.  The electric tractor should reach the first buyers this year

The Tesla Owners’ Club shared on its Twitter a video capturing a Tesla Semi electric tractor driving through a high-speed road in Michigan with the lights on.

Several successful pictures were published on the official Instagram of Muska’s car manufacturer, but they disappeared after unknown hours for about 24 hours.

In addition to Semi, Cybertruck also performed in Michigan. Most reactions to their joint “appearance” were positive, but some users expressed their disappointment that these cars were still not produced.

“I need to see them on the streets in the hands of customers,” lamented one of the dissidents.

The semi, which is expected to cost less than $ 200,000, has been undergoing testing for some time. According to Drive Tesla Canada Tesla decided to keep the pieces originally intended for Pepsi Co so that it could undergo further tests.

The tractor in question has been designed to be more aesthetically pleasing and more environmentally friendly than its petrol-powered competitors. So far, however, the same is true for him as for Cybertruck – that is, no one can say how long it will take for him.

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