Texts criticizing Putin have disappeared from a Russian website

The well-known website Lenta.ru published today more than ten articles criticizing Russian President Vladimir Putin and condemning the war in Ukraine, as the website “Mediazona” found.

The texts then disappeared from the site, while copies are in the web archive. The headlines read: “Record military spending did not help Russia defeat Ukraine”, “Russian authorities forbade journalists to speak negatively”, “Russia completely destroyed Mariupol” and ” “Ukraine has canceled Putin’s plans.”

At the beginning of the texts there was a note: “This text does not have the approval of the address, while for its publication the (Russian) president’s administration will distribute asterisks on the website, in other words: URGENTLY MAKE A COPY OF THE SCREEN, BEFORE THE SCREEN ».

The head of the “Economy and Environment” department, Yegor Polyakov, as well as the journalist Alexandra Miroshnikova, took responsibility for the posting. A source on the Medizona website confirmed that the posts were made by journalists from these departments, who replaced texts that had already been published.

The “Mediazona” website published the statements of the journalists who wrote the anti-war texts. “After the mass blockade in the country, there were almost no media left, which you can not see without a VPN (virtual private network). “We have a huge readership, for the sake of which we have made a lot of efforts, among other things, so Sasha and I decided that such a presentation would be the only one right,” said Polyakov.

He added that “they have already been called for explanations” and assumed that he and Mirosnikova would no longer work at Lenta.ru.

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Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

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