"That's why Tutic renewed - Some experimented, failed miserably"

Christoforos Tornaritis spoke after the end of the match between Olympiacos and PAEEK at GSP.


“With the arrival of Tutic, Olympiakos plays very good football, it makes phases, we score goals. These are the reasons why we decided to renew it next year. We are happy with him, as well as with the footballers. They showed a very good self in the last games.

Today was an indifferent game, with two teams having very good friendly relations. In a race that was supposed to be a celebration, some people experimented with VARs, people who do not know how to operate machines. We see the same things again. They punish a player with morals in a phase that had no contact. The situation was tragic. I pay attention to what I say. They did not give fouls to hard markings. We lost the account. We want a lot of work and we will discuss it in the meeting with the KOP. Unless dramatic changes are made, we do not see any change. “They failed miserably.”

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