The actor Vassilis Malouchos died

Beloved actor Vassilis Malouchos passed away at the age of 86.

The news of his death was announced via a post on Facebook by the actor and President of SEI, Spyros Bibilas.

“As soon as the first day of our elections ended, I was sadly informed that a worthy, honest, tireless theater worker and suffering in life who had recently re-registered in our Tasei in order to help him passed away. He left his mark on the Greek 60’s cinema with its countless characteristics .. Have a good trip my Vassilis! ” wrote Mr. Bibilas.

He was an actor and director and studied at the drama school of Dimitris Rontiris, at the Athens Conservatory.

He received a license to practice from the Committee of Outstanding Talents.

He was the brother of the also famous actor Giannis Malouchos.

He has lost his two sons. The first, Marios, committed suicide by complaining to the society and became a commotion on television and the second, Theodoris, left a car accident he had with a taxi driver.

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