The Adult Employment Center in the Municipality of Limassol has started its operation

Satisfaction of the municipal authorities of Limassol with the operation of the Adult Activity Center, which is housed in a modern building, with fully air-conditioned spaces and services for the gathering and entertainment of elderly people.

The Mayor of Limassol and councilors, in the presence of a representative of the Deputy Ministry of Social Welfare, visited the Adult Employment Center on Friday morning, expressing their joy that another project co-financed by European funds is being delivered to society.

“I think the greatest joy and satisfaction for a municipal council is to see some of the projects it plans, being implemented,” said Mayor Nikos Nicolaidis, adding that the goal of the Adult Employment Center is to bring together senior citizens who are looking for ways to socialize.

The Center, to which the Patticheio Center for Adults moved, from the old Limassol hospital, has been almost full since its first day of operation, a week ago, indicated Mr. Nicolaidis, adding that it is a space “full of life, full of people who either play their backgammon, or chat, or read a book, or spend their time”.

This, he continued, was the goal of the municipal authority, “to upgrade the area, to give a place for social contact and interaction to the elderly and to send the message that the Municipality is by their side, cares for them and we are glad that it exists the response”.

In relation to some problems that were mentioned during his visit today, Mr. Nikolaidis said that “a living space cannot help but have various problems, that’s why we are here to solve minor problems that will arise from the use of the space directly”.

The Mayor of Limassol reminded that during periods of heat, the Adult Activity Center is also available for all residents who do not have an air conditioner and wish to spend a few hours in its air-conditioned space.

The Adult Activity Center, the construction cost of which reached 2.5 million euros, has an outdoor terrace with a covered seating area, gathering spaces, a reading room with a library, a conference-events office, a medical support office, a temporary day rest room, sanitary facilities, a kitchen , cafeteria and warehouse.

Source: KYPE

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