The analog resurfaces and Kodak too: the company is looking for staff after the high demand for photographic rolls

Contrary to popular belief, the arrival of the smartphones and the development of digital cameras have not managed to completely bury analog photography. Kodak, a mythical manufacturer in this area, has seen the need to search for personnel after the demand for photographic rolls increased.

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Through a tweet, the company revealed that it was starting a contracting cycle after the demand for these film formats had increased. “shot” During the last years. Nagraj Bokinkere, vice president of Film Manufacturing, said he had “hired more than 300 people” the last 18 months and seek to increase the numbers.

“Our distributors keep telling us that 35mm film is disappearing from their shelves,” declared to the specialized media. The demand was such that Kodak had to multiply by three the only shift dedicated to this product, coming to work all day including weekends.

Faced with this abrupt resurgence, we cannot ignore the great unknown: what is this about?

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In declarations for the newspaper El País, the expert Iker Morán believes that “This from Kodak is a very symbolic fact”. What happens now is that photos captured by a smartphone are too perfect compared to the imperfect photos that an analog camera can achieve. “With a latest generation iPhone or Android, it is almost impossible for the photo to be of poor quality, even if it is taken while moving and with almost no focus”add the middle.

“For the industry to put analog photography back in the spotlight has always been our goal, and not only at a professional level, but also we really believe that it is a medium that contributes a lot to the creative community and it has a very important reason to exist”, Albert Roig, founder of the analog development laboratory Carmencita Film Lab, told El País.

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For Roig, this return to the classic is due to the fact that users want to re-experience the process of taking a photo. “The experience that analog offers for the five senses is not comparable to the coldness of digital or taking photos with a mobile phone,” she added. sensations like the touch, the sound and the weight of the camera are some of the experiences that people seek to feel again.

It is not known if this abrupt interest in analog is something temporary, but for Roig “analog formats are here to stay”.

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