The announcement of the Ministry of Education about the 8-year-old student

With reference to publications that speak of a “complaint by the Cyprus Confederation of Disabled Organizations (CYSOA)”, for the case of a student for whom it is wrongly speaking of exclusion, the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth (YPAN) clarifies the following:

– The student, as mentioned in the publications, attends the 2nd grade of Makedonitissa 2nd Primary School.

– During the 2021-2022 school year, he was evaluated and a decision was made by the Provincial Committee for Special Education and Education (E.E.E.A.E.) to change the study context to a Special Unit.

– The parents appealed and in January 2022, the Central Committee for Special Education and Education (K.E.E.A.E.), decided that the student should continue her studies in a general class on a trial basis and undergo a re-evaluation in May 2022.

– In May 2022, a re-evaluation was done and all the experts recommended that the student attend a Special Unit. This was followed by a decision of the E.E.E.A.E. to change the study context.

– The parents appealed to K.E.E.A.E. The K.E.A.E., with its decision on October 21, 2022, rejected the appeal and decided to study the child in a Special Unit housed in the same school. According to the decision, the student will be taught Greek and Mathematics in the context of the Special Unit and will be included in the general class in the other subjects. Therefore, the KYSOA announcement incorrectly refers to exclusion, since the student will continue her studies at the school of her community, without being excluded from the classroom environment.

– Since then, the parents have been depriving their child of the right to education, keeping him at home, refusing to comply with the decision of K.E.E.A.E. The child was presented at school only on days when there was some other activity (e.g. educational excursion, theater performance).

The Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth wishes to urge the KYSOA and any other interested party, before making public statements, to be properly informed about the real facts.

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