The APOEL organizers for Kyriakos Matsis

The organizers of APOEL send the following message on the occasion of today (19/11).


November 19th today.

Great men, great leaders, are gifted by God to carve their History. They are born with the fatal power of creation to prescribe their course, to determine their destiny.

One of the greatest heroes and ideologues that Hellenism ever gave birth to was Kyriakos Matsis. Based on his character and ideals, his inclusion in EOKA was a one-way street. Digenis, impressed by the inner world and the competitiveness of Matsis, appointed him general liaison of EOKA.

In 1956, Matsis was arrested by Special Branch agents. The English would do anything to make him reveal to them the secrets of EOKA and the hideout of its leader. That is why the five most brutal investigators took him personally. Five anthropomorphic, bloodthirsty monsters, who thought they could tame an innocent Greek soul by force. As soon as Matsis entered the interrogation room, he looked fearlessly into their eyes and said:

“In order not to waste our time, I confess that I belong to EOKA. I fight conscientiously for the freedom and justice of my country and I wonder which of you would not do the same if he were in the same position as me. It would be a shame for me not to I’m in this fight.”

After that, the dogs went berserk. They subjected him to torture beyond the scope of the human mind, turning him into the living dead. His body healed, but his heart did not. Kyriakos would not become a traitor to his homeland. After some time he managed to escape.

The end of Matsis, however, had long been predetermined by him. Thus, when the 19th of November 1958 found him surrounded in his hideout, he, like a worthy relay of the Thermopylars of 480 BC, translated the leonide “Molon Lave” into “IF I GO OUT, I’LL GO OUT SHOOTING”, leaving us a legacy, a a debt that we must fulfill one day, a precept of ten thousand years of history..


I want EOKA


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