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The attackers behave seasonally. Now, for example, they are sending ransomware to farmers who sow the fields

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Even hacker attacks are governed by the seasons. Spring is marked by sowing fields, so farmers have become one of the most vulnerable groups in recent weeks. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) warned against this, and just after issuing the warning, a massive ransomware attack struck the leading global manufacturer of agricultural machinery AGCO.

AGCO includes, among others, Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson and Valtra tractor brands, which is a real engineering giant in agriculture. You can also meet his machines regularly in the Czech fields, and spring is the time when farmers buy the most equipment because they need to sow fields (and because producers offer special offers).

The attackers, who attacked AGCO last week with extortion ransomware, rely on this. The company itself was relatively brief in its own declaration, she said the attack is still under investigation, but expects manufacturing operations to be affected for days or more. “It depends on how quickly we fix our systems,” the company said.

It is not known what part of its systems has been affected or whether the company plans to pay the ransom. Ransomware, however, caused great damage, according to the French and German media production lines in both France and Bavaria had to be temporarily closed. The employees were given time off and production is waiting to resume.

The seed seller was also affected

The timing of the incident is interesting to the FBI in late April she warnedthat something similar can happen. According to US investigators, farmers are a popular target for attackers during the spring, describing the risk as extremely high. In addition to disrupting business operations through hacking attacks, the food supply chain can be disrupted in an extreme case.

According to the FBI, the attackers attacked an unnamed American seller of seeds and fertilizers with ransomware this spring. It therefore recommends that farmers pay the utmost attention to the protection of their systems.

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